Further training

Dipl. Techniker/in HF Fashion Design & Technology

Being successful in the clothing industry requires extensive specialist knowledge and an understanding of textile basics and ...

Further training

Dipl. Textil- wirtschafter/in HF Textile Business Management

Textile business managers work in an environment that is shaped by quickly changing fashion issues, complex procurement and ...

Further training

Fashion design HFP

The preparatory course for successfully completing the higher examination is targeted towards developing your design personality.

Further training

Master’s in Product Management Fashion & Textiles

Do you want to enhance your knowledge and qualify for a challenging job in textile product management?

Further training

Dipl. Techniker/in HF Textiles & Technology (~ textiles technician)

The degree course for the construction and manufacture of fabrics.



MY STUDY - individuell Studieren ab August 2018

Das neue Studienmodell erlaubt Studierenden eine individuellere Auswahl ihrer Lerninhalte, fördert die Vernetzung innerhalb der Studiengänge und ermöglicht die schnellere Integration aktueller Themen...

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Textile & Fashion Days am 22.& 23.03.2018 an der STF! Mehr Infos...
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